More Views, New Ways, Inspired Outcomes

This tag line, which appears beneath the ParadoxEdge logo is the six-word result of a several-month and many-word exploration of who we (think we) are, what we believe in, what we offer and what we think is possible. In the next three posts, I’ll develop each of them in a bit more depth—not as a final word, but as a current view of what they mean to us. First, a brief look at each:

More views. More ways of looking at everything, and more strategically, more ways of looking at the current focus of your attention. More views can emerge through a variety of means—change the physical location/position from which you’re looking; change the state of mind you’re in while you look (are you curious, angry, blissful, desperate, frustrated…?); ask someone else for his or her view and really listen; develop yourself in some way that opens a perspective you’ve not previously held.

New ways. New ways to do everything, and as above, new ways of doing the thing that currently has your attention. New  ways can emerge through trial and error; throwing what you have against the wall to see what sticks; “dumb” luck; serendipity; using what comes up after you’ve developed a new view or two (or more); asking others what they do and how they do it; acting as if something that currently seems not to be true were true.

Inspired Outcomes. Outcomes that, before they come out, may seem impossible, or at least, improbable. When this happens, more views and new ways are usually lurking in shadows nearby or leading the band at the front of the parade.

At ParadoxEdge we work (and play) in ways in which more views, new ways and inspired outcomes engage an interactive dance of cause and effect—where any one or two of them can lead to the other two or one. A new way can lead to more views. Another view can lead to a new way and an inspired outcome. An inspired outcome can lead to a another view. You get the picture.

Stay tuned. Next post will explore more views.

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