...and thanks for visiting. Latest blog post is available here. From February 3 through May 14, 2019, I shared a series of essays that explores basic guidelines for ‘adult’ conversation – relevant to both disagreeing and agreeing. Explore at your leisure.

Free 5-minute Survey

Click here for a 5-minute survey that explores 10 essential topics for healthy, wholehearted living in the 21st Century. You’ll receive immediate feedback, a downloadable PDF report, and access to a 2nd PDF that provides free resources and some background about how I work. 

The survey topics include effective communication, trust & vulnerability, authentic connection, emotional competence, adaptability and living your authentic purpose. Here’s that link again.

Coaching Client Results and Comments

Immediately below, you’ll find the results that coaching clients achieve, attain and receive as a result of our working together, and how they describe the experience. For more about the coaching process and my approach, click on the Coaching tab. Below these results and comments are a site overview and an introduction to my broader work as an educator and poet. 

Results and comments are slightly edited excerpts from client testimonials. Full, unedited testimonials with client names are available in Gratitude(s).

Client Results

As a result of our work together, clients say they are able to:

  • Acknowledge, challenge and change daily habits, mindset and general way of being – some obvious, some more nuanced 
  • Grow in work and relationship:
    • better understand strengths and how to develop them;
    • better articulate thoughts and feelings around different situations;
    • reframe perspectives and turn weaknesses into strengths;
    • shift thoughts and behaviors;
    • identify objectives and make drastic improvements in them;
    • approach life in a much happier way and improve personal and professional relationships 
  • Grow and change my life in the best way possible, personally and professionally
  • Identify what’s working and what’s not
    • engage a plan of action that gets me where I want to go;
    • help my business relationship immensely and spilled over into my marriage… 
  • Keep my commitments to myself 
  • Challenge myself out of complacent activity with deeper and deeper insights
  • Attain professional success and personal growth
  • Better understand and communicate with colleagues and clients;
    • team-building, self-awareness and improved conversations 
  • Make simple what felt complex within me, unfolding my awareness
  • Develop new skills to confront emerging horizons of complexity…leading to the launch of four influential initiatives in service of my department, colleagues and institution, and experience a new way of being that is still unfolding 7 months after the 6-month coaching program ended
  • Develop skills I needed to more courageously face what scared me 
  • Truly change my life; make me a better manager, employees, friend and family member
  • Change my life without [someone] telling me how to think or behave differently and find within myself what was there all along
  • See more clearly a road map for individual and collective journeys toward what is essential for creating conscious, elevating change and transformation in life 

Do you know anyone who would benefit from results like these? Please send them my way. Thanks!

Client Comments


  • …is thoughtful and direct; unique
  • …is a joy and great listener, who shows up at his best, open, wise, clear and thought-provoking 
  • …is an incredibly gifted coach, amazing writer, kind and genuine, a gem of a human being who has truly found his calling 
  • …engages in a way that is like talking with a friend; he keeps an even keel and provides massive value
  • …is open, adaptable and methodological in his approach 
  • …is gentle enough to hold the space, fearless enough to challenge me… 
  • …is filled with humor, awareness and humanity 
  • …brings a unique skill set, broad experience and knowledge to his coaching
  • …shows up with presence, wide-open heart, wisdom and knowledge. He brings efficiency, clarity and the ability to expose the simplicity within complexity.
  • …shares his superb coaching skills, substantial intellectual capacity, clarity of both written and spoken verbal communication and highly nuanced wisdom, which includes both fluid compassion and pointed directness; with a rare mixture of technical ability, in-depth professional experience, honesty, creative insight and intuition, Reggie is able to expect, understand and navigate the necessary expansions and contractions of any new and creative endeavor; 
  • …coaches with a rare combination of visionary imagination, gentle compassion and directness to provide the needed push, gentle support and wisdom I needed
  • …is creative and kind with a remarkable way of leading others into a state of increased self-awareness
  • …shows up with a breadth of knowledge and experience, uncanny sense of intuition, creativity and humor that help make deep, potentially difficult work enjoyable
  • … is affirming, instructive and inspirational in exploring the relationships among spirit, body and intellect

The overview below provides a synopsis of what informs my work as an educator, coach, workshop facilitator, poet and author. For more detail please click on an appropriate tab beneath the cover image above.


I engage writing, coaching and teaching/facilitating as vehicles for self-knowing/not knowing, ongoing development/transformation, and healing. My interest and expertise are in humans and development (as opposed to any particular profession), and my clients come from diverse backgrounds, including business, education, healthcare and the arts.

I currently do this work through my private coaching and writing practices, and through my associations with Teleosis Institute and Integral Coaching Canada. Past affiliations include  Maryland University of Integrative Health and The Graduate Institute, among others.

My personal experience, and my experiences with clients have convinced, and continue to convince me that the three ‘goals’ above – self-knowing/not knowing, development/ transformation, and healing, are essential and inevitably present and available to each of us.

I believe that lasting change (i.e. true transformation) often emerges through three broad avenues:

• grace – something shifts, we don’t understand it exactly, and we see and behave in the world in a new way; also called serendipity

• tragedy/suffering – something unexpected, such as loss, illness or injury, happens and as we attempt to live with and through it, we learn to see and behave in the world in a new way

• commitment to intentional practice – we choose to learn to see and behave in the world in a new way, and we engage practice(s) that help us develop the capacities and/or competencies to do so

We can wait around for grace, try to avoid tragedy/suffering, or commit to practice – whatever “practice” might mean amid our current worldview, circumstances, needs and desires.

Toward the end of making intentional development more easily accessible (not necessarily easy), I engage a variety of tools and methods that include but are not limited to:

  • Integral Coaching®
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Poetry, writing, and “language-at-large”
  • Soulcraft® – as that term is used by Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute
  • Leadership Agility 360® Assessment
  • Everyday Mindfulness
  • Various forms of inquiry, informed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey’s Immunity to Change®, Byron Katie’s The Work®, and others
  • Integral Theory and Applications (which allow me to see with ongoing clarity how “all of this” fits and functions)
  • A commitment to the roles of innocence, wisdom, compassion, vulnerability, love, forgiveness, courage, kindness, mystery and a sense of humor as we negotiate the exquisite goofiness and gravitas of our existence

If you have any questions about anything on (or not on) this site, please call or email. I’d love to chat.


Fillet of Soul With a Dark Night Glaze

  • If you enjoy poetry, and would like a poetic taste of some of what informs me and my work (and play), click on the first photo of me (dressed in black, talking with my hands) on the sidebar. Enjoy!  

The Quality of Effort

  • If you’re interested in The Quality of Effort: Integrity in Sport and Life for Student-Athletes, Parents, and Coaches (a sane approach to youth, interscholastic and intercollegiate sports), this link will take you to that site in a new window (http://qualityofeffort.com/).

Living Poems, Writing Lives

  • If you’re interested in engaging poetry and poetry writing as vehicles for self-knowing and transformation, click here (or on the “Workshops” tab above), and check out the now-in-process Living Poems, Writing Lives site from time to time as it takes shape during the summer and autumn of 2014.


Integral Coaching® and Integral Master Coach™ are registered trade-marks in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada, Inc. and licensed to Reggie Marra

Copyright © 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 by Reggie Marra

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  1. Just an FYI you left an impression on many of your students! I can still quote some quotes you wrote on your board. 👍🏻

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