Who Do You Think You Are, and What (in the World) Are You Doing?

In this identity-challenging and -clarifying experience, we will  take an honest look at the persona each of us presents to the world—at home, at work and at play, and check the lenses through which we’re looking. Essential elements include:

  • How your intentions, behavior, relationships and environment interact
  • Differentiating how you operate, what you’re good at, and what you long for
  • Getting honest about your strengths (and those other areas)
  • Ongoing development—if you think you’re done learning, growing and developing, you are
  • Values, personality, gender, and alien encounters—who are these people?

While each of the above itself is significant, we will connect the dots and explore a comprehensive, inclusive and balanced “view of you” (and us) that none of these alone can offer.  Greater clarity into yourself—strengths and biases—enhances the accuracy of your assessments of others and the environment. You’re a leader, right?* Of course you know whom you’re leading and why. How much do you truly know about who’s doing the leading? That would be you.

What You’ll Walk Away With: You will leave with a clearer sense of how you show up in the world and a user-friendly framework within which to hold and work with your “everyday persona.” You will gain insight into what serves you well and what may be holding you back, and receive resources toward a rich, elegant and increasingly complex tapestry for ongoing transformation.  

Alternative Title: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth—as Far as I Can Tell. Each of us embraces what we believe to be “true” through our own unique sense of identity and perspective. “The Truth” doesn’t change, but the accuracy of our “truthfulness” increases as we expand “how far we can tell.”

*Each of us is a leader, whether at work, at home with our children or “simply” as we get up each morning and lead ourselves into the new day.