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Authentic Connection: Who Do You Think You Are, and What Did You Mean by That? – Engaging Conversations that Heal
This program emerged from the 16-part series of essays that appear on this site (posted February-May, 2019), and addresses what might be called the lost art of civil conversation – how we might disagree (and agree) without the insult, sweeping generalizations and lack of respect that currently characterize much of our communication.

Conscious Living and Dying: Laughing Amid Our Grave Concerns
     Looking honestly at our own inevitable dying and death (this is not about insurance, wills, trusts and estate planning).

Who Do You Think You Are, and What (in the World) Are You Doing?
      An integral exploration of identity—who you think you are, and perspective—how you view the world. This program can also be titled, The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth—As Far as I Can Tell.

The Quality of Effort
      An integral approach to sanity in youth, interscholastic and intercollegiate sport, grounded in the revised 2013 edition of the book, and currently being expanded into leadership strategies in business, education and the arts.

Poetry From the Heart
A fear-releasing, fun, and guaranteed-you-can-do-it  introduction to writing poems.

Living Poems, Writing Lives: Spirit, Self and the Art of Poetry
  The current manifestation of the workshop, first offered at the Hudson Valley Writers Center in Sleepy Hollow, NY in 1998, that led to the 2004 book.  See table of contents for list of “tools,” and the excerpt from the book’s introduction for an overview of the process.

“Who Do You Think You Are…? in Hartford, CT


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