A summary of comments and results from these testimonials appears at the bottom of this page (the full testimonials carry a lot more meaning, at least for me).

“I highly recommend Reggie as a life coach, particularly for those who are seeking guidance in the area of purpose work. Reggie has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping individuals to identify and pursue their passions and goals, and has a unique ability to inspire and motivate others to take action.

“During my time working with him, I have found Reggie to be an incredibly supportive and understanding coach. He has a keen ability to listen and understand my challenges and aspirations, and has provided targeted advice and support to help me make meaningful progress on my journey to finding and pursuing my purpose.

“In addition to his expertise in purpose work, Reggie is also skilled at creating a safe and supportive environment that encourages openness and vulnerability. This has allowed me to feel comfortable exploring new ideas and perspectives, and has been a key factor in my personal growth.

“Overall, I highly recommend Reggie as a life coach and believe that anyone who works with him will benefit greatly from his guidance and support.”

– Emil Ashford, Senior Manager, Global Client Payments

“Couldn’t recommend Reggie as a coach more – he worked with me during a critical time of building a second business to develop the way I lead, manage my own mindset, and regulate my emotions to make decisions and show up the way I want in every area of my life. His practices were grounding and intuitive throughout the process, and it is incredibly important & meaningful that I can always trust Reggie to tell me when I’m wrong or need to watch out for ways I may be trying to skip over certain areas of growth. Reggie is an incredibly valuable coach for anyone who is looking to grow both personally and professionally.”

Jess Chan, Founder & CEO at Longplay

“Before meeting Reggie, I had worked with several coaches throughout my career with marginal benefits at best. Reggie’s coaching style and process resonated with me and drove me to make changes to impact both my professional and personal lives.  I personally needed a coach who would not merely be a good listener, but was able to challenge my thinking and provide additional options for growth.  I connected with Reggie’s unique blend of using metaphors to help better visualize my goal, developing a future way of being, and working with me to create helpful practices to progressively move toward my constantly shifting goals.

“It has now been about a year since we concluded my executive coaching sessions, and I still have on my wall posters I created for the future way of being and one of the practice exercises.  I still refer to those and use what I had learned working with Reggie as a foundation as I continue to grow and develop.  As an additional breakthrough, I’ve never personally realized the benefits of meditation.  I always struggled to free my mind and slow down my thought process.  Reggie is the only person who successfully convinced me to try and then continue to meditate by initially focusing on small details (temperature, pressure) around me.  I appreciate Reggie’s gift and am still blessed from my coaching sessions working with him.

– J. Corde Lane, PhD, U. S. Army Research Lab

“I’m a serial entrepreneur and investor having sold my first company at age 29 and now starting my second venture looking for the extra edge to make it into an even bigger success. I was referred to Reggie by a highly trusted advisor and I’ve been working with him as my executive coach for just over 6 months now. I’ve found him to be extraordinary at what he does. It’s a meeting that I look forward to and am excited about every time we meet.

“I judge working with a coach based on how many big aha moments there are and there have been countless in my work with Reggie. I’ve recommended Reggie to my co-founders and recommend him to anyone looking to unlock their next level of growth.”

Aydin Mirzaee, CEO @ + 🎙Host of Supermanagers Podcast

“I highly highly recommend Reggie. I was referred to him as I was navigating a career change in my life and moving to a new job. I didn’t realize how much I needed Reggie, but so happy that I met him. It was my first time with a coach and I experienced a huge amount of both personal and professional growth. He helped me navigate to my “future way of being” and armed me with an expansive tool kit for success.

“It was one the best investments I’ve made and I recommend anyone looking for a coach to reach out to Reggie. He is truly gifted and I’m so grateful for my time with him. Thank you, Reggie!”

 Katie Gowryluk, Director of Recruiting, Butterfly Network, Inc.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Reggie for about 7 years. During this time, he has served me as a friend, mentor, and coach. He has skillfully supported me through my most transformative life experiences of love and loss, birth and death, career wins and defeats, and all of the subtle and not-so-subtle messy middle.

“Reggie’s masterful understanding and use of language, the subtle and powerful distinctions that he is able to tease apart, become one of his most valuable tools as a coach. Reggie is a deep listener and carefully reflects and challenges what he hears and intuits, enabling me to gain the necessary insights in order to make new moves as I continue to develop and evolve.

“Reggie is a wise and compassionate soul, able to express himself with a gentle grace. But don’t be fooled. He also has a fire in his belly and a sharp edge that can cut through the bullshit with ferocity and great accuracy, penetrating right to the heart of the matter when necessary.

“I have worked with many coaches over a 25-year HR career, and I can say without any hesitation whatsoever, that Reggie is one of the best at his craft.

“In addition to working with him as my coach, I have hired Reggie to coach multiple leaders on my teams and in my organizations, and will continue to work with him personally and recommend him as a go-to coach for support through life’s rich journey.

“Thank you, Reggie, for your love and care of me and for your ongoing commitment to your own development so that you may continue to support others along their paths.”

Kent Frazier, Transformational Coach & Consultant,, Co-Founder, Fully Human

“Reggie was referred to me by a mentor. During our time together I was balancing numerous personal and business items – including managing a growing law firm and navigating a divorce. 

“Reggie’s communication style is thoughtful and direct. His sessions are unique – as they force you to acknowledge and challenge your daily habits, mindset, and general state of being. Some of these acknowledgments slap you in the face as obvious (in the sense of you can’t believe you didn’t see them before) and others are more nuanced (in the sense of you didn’t realize this was an undercurrent of your life). 

“Reggie would often say, this is hard work – but you will be better for doing it. And in sum, it was hard work, but I am better for doing it. 

“If you are considering engaging in this work, don’t look any further than Reggie. If you are not considering engaging in this work, consider it.”

– Matthew J. Moisan, Counselor at Lowenstein Sandler, LLP

“Working with Reggie for the last 7 months has been nothing short of a joy. The growth I’ve experienced in myself, my work, and my relationship with others has been incredible.

“He’s helped me better understand my strengths and how to grow into my own. On our regular 1-1 meetings, he’s always a great listener and helps me articulate the thoughts/feelings I have around different situations in my life. He shows up at his best every time – open, wise, and with clarity. He’s able to help me reframe my perspective and turn weaknesses into strengths.

“His practices are always thought-provoking and have a way of shifting your thoughts and behaviours in small but significant ways. Even now, after the program has ended, I still look back on the practices as a reminder of some of the “muscles” that may need strengthening again.

“In 7 months, I’ve made drastic improvements in all three of the objectives I set out at the beginning of the program. Not only that, I’ve seen the effects trickle out to other areas of my life. Reggie’s coaching has helped me approach life in a much happier way and improved my relationships with parents, friends, and colleagues. I highly recommend Reggie to anyone who’s looking for personal growth in any area of their life!”

– Jessica Chan, Chief Marketing Officer, BestSelf Co. |

“I worked with Reggie in a coaching capacity for approximately one year. The growth I experienced as a result of my coaching program changed my life in the best possible way, personally and professionally. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn from Reggie and work with him to help realize my ‘future way of being’. He is an incredibly gifted coach (and an amazing writer) who is also kind and genuine in his intentions and coaching delivery. Even though it has been over a year since my coaching program has ended, I often think back to the exercises and conversations I had with Reggie. Through these reflections, he is still helping me. 

“I highly recommend working with Reggie if you have the opportunity. It may be the best investment that you could ever make. He’s a gem of a human being that has truly found his calling and for this, I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Reggie.”

– Kati Issaians, Manager, Compensation and Benefits Lieberman Research Worldwide

“Reggie was referred to me by a mentor and senior adviser. I run a medium sized start up with a business partner and the increasing growth of the company was putting a strain on our relationship. Communication was difficult between my business partner and me AND my marriage was falling apart from the long hours of work and the lack of understanding from my wife.

“Reggie was able to come into the business relationship I had with my business partner, pull out what was working, what was not, and then put a plan of action in place to help us get us where we wanted to go.

“The one-on-one sessions were easy… like talking with a friend. The group sessions were a little more challenging; we discussed the issues between us, but in a healthy way that let us resolve the issues. That’s key.

“Reggie always made sure to keep an even keel and make sure he was providing massive value. AND HE DID.

“The work I did on myself through Reggie’s coaching has helped my business relationship tremendously. What’s more, the work I’ve done with Reggie has spilled from my relationship with my business partner to my relationship with my wife. We are working together, talking, going on vacations (without fighting), enjoying each other’s company.

“I highly recommend Reggie.”

– Allen Brouwer, Co-Founder BestSelf Co. | Serial Entrepreneur | Scaling & Growth Mentor | Forbes 30 Under 30

“Reggie was not my first coach, but he was definitely a different one. As I set very high expectations for this program, it was Reggie’s openness, adaptability and methodical approach that allowed me to meet the very challenging development objectives initially defined. The wide array of issues/distractions popping up during the program made it difficult to keep my focus, yet Reggie’s skills were key to motivate me and keep my commitment to successfully complete it. I highly recommend Reggie as a coach to whoever seeks enhancing soft skills and life balance.”

Pedro Matos, Head of P&C at Votorantim Cimentos Europe Africa Asia

Working with Reggie was an enlivening journey into the heart of my inspiration and obstacles.  Reggie was gentle enough to hold space for whatever I brought to our sessions.  He was fearless enough to challenge me out of complacent activity.  The practices that Reggie wrote for me drew me into deeper and deeper insights, joining action amid uncertainty into a way of being.  I couldn’t recommend working with Reggie any more  wholeheartedly than I do.”

– Drew Bromfield, PhD Student in Cognitive Neuroscience

“Reggie was my Integral Coach over a 6 month period and I whole-heartedly recommend him. From our first session I was well met. He offered a clear perspective of where I was starting from and inspired me with his insight into where he saw my potential. Our sessions were filled with Reggie’s humor, awareness and humanity. Reggie encouraged me to take it to the next level and for that I am truly grateful.”

– Morley Wilkinson, Integral Master Coach™ & Consultant at Silverlining Incorporated

“Reggie’s coaching has been a key ingredient to my professional success and personal growth. What started as a coaching relationship to better equip me for various professional challenges, has now transcended into a relationship focused on personal development, which also lends itself to growth in my career. I can say with 100% certainty, I am the confident woman, who knows her value, largely because of Reggie. I am forever grateful to him and look forward to seeing my continued growth for many years to come.”

– Staci Venski, Assistant General Manager, Lieberman Research Worldwide

“Reggie’s coaching was such a big help to me personally when I first went into business 4 years ago, that it only seemed logical to bring him back, once I had a team in place, so they could experience his coaching too!  He designed a series of workshops that helped us to better understand and communicate with each other within our office, but more importantly how to understand and communicate with our clients so that we can offer them the best possible service – with the personal touch that so many service professionals lack. 

“I would highly recommend Reggie to any organization, big or small, for team-building, self- awareness, and improved conversations.  His unique skill-set, broad experience and knowledge position him to seemingly always know the perfect solution or exercise for whatever focus topic I throw his way.  I greatly value his input, and his coaching has had a tremendous impact on our business success!”

– Robert A. Gambardella, CPA CTC
 Principal & Tax Advisor 
 Concierge Tax Services, LLC

“It is hard to put into words what I experienced with Reggie as my coach through the past 5 months. Reggie’s presence struck me from the first time we met, and since our very first session he showed up with his wide-open heart, wisdom and knowledge. Further, he managed to make simple what for me was so complex and a deep issue within myself.

“What I thought would take close to a year to complete, we did in 5 months! His efficiency, clarity, and ability to expose the simplicity within complexity made all my practices so to-the-point that my awareness kept unfolding and my embodiment of my New Way suddenly was so present it felt as if without effort. It was wonderful to have Reggie supporting and guiding me through this process to the point that I have now recommended that my brother hire him as a coach.”

– Nuno Matos, MSc, PhD & Integral Master Coach™
 Nuno Matos Integral™ at 

“With over 30 years in the field of visual art and higher education, I came to Reggie Marra to develop new skills that would enable me to confront emerging horizons of complexity and change within my institution. I wanted to develop new skills for constructively and creatively engaging this uncharted territory.

“I came to the right place. Reggie’s superb coaching skills, his substantial intellectual capacity, his clarity of verbal communication (both written and spoken) and his highly nuanced wisdom (which includes both fluid compassion and pointed directness) offered me a very effective set of insights, tools and skills.

“As well, the stage that he set for the journey—from a current way of being to a new way of being (which is still unfolding seven months after the six month coaching period)—was built with a rare mixture of technical ability, in-depth professional experience, honesty, creative insight and intuition. Reggie is able to expect, understand and navigate the necessary expansions and contractions of any new and creative endeavor, and as an artist and educator, I deeply appreciated his ability to do so.

‘What I learned with Reggie enabled me to successfully launch four influential initiatives in service of my department, colleagues and students.

“Thank you, Reggie. Thank you.”

 Ray DiCapua, Associate Professor of Art
 Associate Head for Admissions and Recruitment
 Department of Art and Art History
 University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

“I was quite positively impacted by my coaching experience with Reggie. He possesses a rare combination of visionary imagination, gentle compassion and directness. He was able to help me see ‘a future me’ where I could show up at work more powerfully, and in so doing, positively impact dozens of people in the organization.

“Even though I was fearful around what this new way of being was asking of me, I was even more inspired by Reg’s vision and guidance—a large part of what good coaching is all about. Once the vision was established, Reg showed up with not only the push I needed to try new things and develop new skills, but also the gentle support and wisdom I needed to face the scary parts more courageously.”
 Justin McSharry, Sr Sales Trainer, Quantcast

“I recently completed a 5-month Integral Journey, with Reggie as my guide and coach. His unique approach and creative methods have truly changed my life. He is genuine and kind, and has a remarkable way of leading others into a state of increased self-awareness. For me, this resulted in a focused effort to improve a few key behaviors and habits, which have made me a better manager, employee, friend, and family member. I highly recommend Reggie’s work to any individual or team looking for career growth or succession planning, to improve their strengths or weaknesses, or to increase their effectiveness. Reggie would be an extremely valuable partner to any Corporate HR training program.”
 Robert Gambardella, CPA CTCConcierge Tax Services, LLC

“I can’t say enough about Reggie’s coaching services, and I can easily say he changed my life. What’s amazing is that he accomplished this without telling me how to think or behave differently. His breadth of knowledge and experience and his uncanny sense of intuition make him an extremely effective guide. He helped me to find within myself what was there all along. The result was profoundly empowering. Reggie brings a level of creativity and humor to this otherwise deep and potentially difficult work that actually makes the process enjoyable.”
   Michael Sallustio, CNC, CPFT, MES, JD
Nutritional Counselor, Personal Fitness Trainer, Annapolis, MD
Mediator, Arundel Mediation, Annapolis, MD

“Reggie Marra works as a coach and a presenter in a manner that  makes us feel we are both confidant and friend. His work is affirming, instructive and inspirational as he explores the relationships among the needs of spirit, body and intellect. He gently wends his way into our lives and questions us about that which is integral to our happiness, success, and finally, our peace of mind.

“Many of us have grown up in a time when style and economics were favored over wisdom, compassion and conscious content. This division of psyche, intellect and physical body has spawned a grab-bag of stress-related ills.

“Amid our restless search, we all may find a safe harbor in Reggie’s work, which provides a road map for our individual and collective journeys toward what is essential to creating conscious, elevating change and transformation in our lives.”
– Gayle Beyer, Owner/Principal Designer, Gayle Beyer Designs, LLC

“Mr. Marra was amazing in the way he brought students into the world of poetry immediately.  He recited several poems from his book, This Open Eye and explained the political and human context for each poem while engaging and challenging students to ask questions and make comments based on their own thoughts.  His poetry was both powerful and emotional and certainly left its mark on his audience, student and teacher alike. 

“I have spent much of my life reading and analyzing poetry, and I can honestly say that Reggie Marra’s work ranks among the best.  The goal of all poets is to illuminate some aspect of the world that may not be obvious to the naked eye, and the perspective he brings to his subjects achieves this, powerfully touching the mind and soul. ”
– Mark Iannucci, English Teacher, New Milford High School, Connecticut

“The impact of Reggie Marra’s recent presentation on my creative writing classes was tremendous. Students who rarely, if ever, let their guard down in the classroom were engaged, questioning and reacting to Reggie’s poetry and commentary.

“As a teacher of senior English, I watch as most of my students make plans to attend college or join the local workforce and as some make early decisions to enlist in the military at a time when they most certainly will be sent to war. With graduation nearing, the students bound for service in the armed forces grow more excited and, in some cases, more frightened about their future. Reggie’s poetry and the dialogue it sparked provided an important opportunity for all of my students, no matter what their future plans, to discuss the uncertainties of the world they are entering at the end of the school year.

“At a time when we too readily accept and even embrace the reasons and explanations of others for our collective actions, Reggie challenged the students to have the courage to arrive at their own informed opinions, not to blindly follow their parents, teachers, and other leaders. Reggie’s poems add to the cultural discourse what we—not just the young, all of us—need now: poetry of conscience that cries for us to rouse ourselves from our indifferent slumber to consciousness.”
– Mary Ann Campbell, English Teacher, New Milford High School, Connecticut

“Reggie Marra provided a stirring presentation by reciting poetry from his collection of poetry reflecting on the war in Iraq entitled This Open Eye: Seeing What We Do.  Before reciting, Reggie challenged our students to think of Iraqis as individuals they may know, or even be related to.  The poetry contained vivid descriptions of the human destruction brought upon by the war and touched on subjects that have been taboo in the popular media such as loss of limbs, death of children, and soldiers returning in body bags.  

“As a Global Studies teacher, I was intrigued by the student reaction to Reggie’s poems and stance on the war.  One young man challenged how else we might have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein.  On this question Mr. Marra acknowledged that in 1993 President George Herbert Walker Bush was faced with the same decision, and acutely realized the wave of sectarian violence and human carnage that might result from the ouster of Saddam.  Moreover, he questioned whether violence was ever the best answer in resolving a problem whether a domestic dispute in one’s home or on a national scale.

“At a time when many Americans appear detached from the reality of war and international affairs, Mr. Marra’s presentation served an important purpose.  That he achieved it through personal poetry demonstrated the endless means of self-expression available to people of any age.”
– Michael Abraham, Global Studies Teacher, New Milford High School, Connecticut

“You were extraordinary! … I wanted an opening very different from anything our members had ever experienced, and you delivered on that vision.”
Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP, 2006-2007 President of the National Speakers
Association; author of 
The Diversity Advantage

“Reggie Marra is absolutely brilliant—a genius at painting word pictures that reflect and give meaning to our world.”
 Randy Gage, author, Prosperity Mind

“…majestic and mind-stretching. I find Reggie’s work mesmerizing…”
Ian Percy, creator of  The Infinite Possibilities Initiative, author of  Going

“Reggie Marra is one of those rare educators whose compassion and humor infuse the intellectual depth and rigor of his teachings….leaves participants with a new understanding of ‘wholeness’ in personal and public spheres.”
          – Leslie Johnson, author, Teaching Artist, CT Commission on Culture and Tourism

“Reggie’s program was intelligent and had a depth that made me want to explore further. I appreciate the integral approach tremendously. Incorporating the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ is refreshingly honest and vitally important.”
– Rebecca Meredith, Psychotherapist

“It is a true art to watch Reggie work his magic…His gentle manner and wonderful sense of humor invite honesty and remove fear….He has the type of persona that crosses all age, race, and educational barriers.”
– Sue Cavanaugh, Educator, Regional School District 15, Middlebury, CT

[Reggie provides] an introduction to a more inclusive way of approaching work, love, business, personal growth and leadership. I came away feeling that change and transformation are not only possible, but necessary, and these techniques provide working and workable maps for such transformation—essential for living new ways of thought in the 21st Century.
Phil Linz, EMD Chemicals, Inc., Hawthorne, NY

“I would do this again—what comes next? Thank you for making me write something down on paper to prove to myself that I could do this. You significantly raised my level of understanding about the place of poetry in understanding Life.”
          – T. Walman, Physician, Annapolis, MD

You left a lasting impression….a clear cool drink for a thirsty soul, that’s what you gave. You’ll always have a welcome in the North Country.”
Olga Morrill, Program Director, Conway Public Library, New Hampshire

“Beyond my expectations! Excellent presentation—good insight and great sense of humor.”
– B. L., Family Counselor

“Mr. Marra is absolutely fascinating… Beyond what I might have expected, wow…comprehensive, flexible, dynamic, solid… Very insightful—praise to his imagination!”
– B. G., Professor of English

“Excellent classroom management, great rapport and discussions with students, bringing their thinking to a higher level. Most importantly, Reggie taught me the importance of teaching various forms of poetry with my students to improve writing. Each year I continue to incorporate activities he taught in my classroom. Not only did he touch the lives of 22 students while he was here, but he has influenced the lives of all the students I’ve had since. I am a better teacher of writing after working with him.”
Mary Ann McAndrew, Pleasant Valley School, South Windsor, CT

“I entered into this weekend workshop thinking I’d lost my Muse. I found my Muse was not lost, but rather I was failing to engage her. The exercises to engage the poet within were highly effective and served me throughout the weekend. More importantly, they will serve me going forward if I find myself ever thinking I’ve lost my Muse again. I found the workshop engaging, encouraging, profound and self-enlightening.”
     – Jason Hill, Richmond, VA

“Excellent. Reggie does an excellent job of being personally present with purpose that supports his teaching and his facilitation. He brings the experience of life into his offering.”
     – Jay Stearns, Annapolis, MD

I found all of the material highly intriguing and excellently prepared and organized…. Artists, teachers, corporations – even small businesses – could learn a great deal from these discussions and demonstrations.
     – Doe Boyle, author, editor, CCT Master Teaching Artist

Reggie Marra is an articulate, knowledgeable and capable workshop leader, who is ready to change and adapt the presentation for the sake of learning. He offers a wealth of information in an easygoing and friendly environment.
     – John Cusano, Hartford, CT 

Coaching Client Results and Comments

Immediately below, you’ll find a collection of the results that coaching clients achieve, attain and receive as a result of our working together, and how they describe the experience. For more about the coaching process and my approach, click on the Coaching tab. 

Results and comments are slightly edited excerpts from client testimonials. The full, unedited testimonials, from which these excerpts were drawn, begin at the top of this page.

Client Results

As a result of our work together, clients say they are able to:

  • Acknowledge, challenge and change daily habits, mindset and general way of being – some obvious, some more nuanced 
  • Grow in work and relationship:
    • better understand strengths and how to develop them;
    • better articulate thoughts and feelings around different situations;
    • reframe perspectives and turn weaknesses into strengths;
    • shift thoughts and behaviors;
    • identify objectives and make drastic improvements in them;
    • approach life in a much happier way and improve personal and professional relationships 
  • Grow and change my life in the best way possible, personally and professionally
  • Identify what’s working and what’s not
    • engage a plan of action that gets me where I want to go;
    • help my business relationship immensely and spilled over into my marriage… 
  • Keep my commitments to myself 
  • Challenge myself out of complacent activity with deeper and deeper insights
  • Attain professional success and personal growth
  • Better understand and communicate with colleagues and clients;
    • team-building, self-awareness and improved conversations 
  • Make simple what felt complex within me, unfolding my awareness
  • Develop new skills to confront emerging horizons of complexity…leading to the launch of four influential initiatives in service of my department, colleagues and institution, and experience a new way of being that is still unfolding 7 months after the 6-month coaching program ended
  • Develop skills I needed to more courageously face what scared me 
  • Truly change my life; make me a better manager, employees, friend and family member
  • Change my life without [someone] telling me how to think or behave differently and find within myself what was there all along
  • See more clearly a road map for individual and collective journeys toward what is essential for creating conscious, elevating change and transformation in life 

Do you know anyone who would benefit from results like these? Please send them my way. Thanks!

Client Comments


  • …is thoughtful and direct; unique
  • …is a joy and great listener, who shows up at his best, open, wise, clear and thought-provoking 
  • …is an incredibly gifted coach, amazing writer, kind and genuine, a gem of a human being who has truly found his calling 
  • …engages in a way that is like talking with a friend; he keeps an even keel and provides massive value
  • …is open, adaptable and methodological in his approach 
  • …is gentle enough to hold the space, fearless enough to challenge me… 
  • …is filled with humor, awareness and humanity 
  • …brings a unique skill set, broad experience and knowledge to his coaching
  • …shows up with presence, wide-open heart, wisdom and knowledge. He brings efficiency, clarity and the ability to expose the simplicity within complexity.
  • …shares his superb coaching skills, substantial intellectual capacity, clarity of both written and spoken verbal communication and highly nuanced wisdom, which includes both fluid compassion and pointed directness; with a rare mixture of technical ability, in-depth professional experience, honesty, creative insight and intuition, Reggie is able to expect, understand and navigate the necessary expansions and contractions of any new and creative endeavor; 
  • …coaches with a rare combination of visionary imagination, gentle compassion and directness to provide the needed push, gentle support and wisdom I needed
  • …is creative and kind with a remarkable way of leading others into a state of increased self-awareness
  • …shows up with a breadth of knowledge and experience, uncanny sense of intuition, creativity and humor that help make deep, potentially difficult work enjoyable
  • … is affirming, instructive and inspirational in exploring the relationships among spirit, body and intellect