Revised Edition of The Quality of Effort


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1. The Quality of Effort
2. Becoming an Athlete
3. How to Practice
4. Winning, Losing and Competing: A Perspective
5. The Varying Natures of Success and Justice
6. Parenting the Student-Athlete
7. Coaching the Student-Athlete
8. Delaying Gratification: Substance Abuse, Sexual Activity and Cheating
9. The Student-Athlete and the Classroom
10. Motivation: Why Am I Doing This?
11. Athletics and Life: A Permanent, Positive Relationship
12. The Quality of Effort With Foresight
Appendix and Resources

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Praise for the revised edition:

The Quality of Effort inspires coaches and parents to divert their eyes from the scoreboard and focus on nurturing the heart, mind and body of today’s young athlete. Reggie Marra offers a blueprint that encourages our children to become not only better athletes but better people. He delivers a powerful message filled with humanity and honest answers to questions that we sometimes think but may not want to ask. The Quality of Effort is a wonderful read and I would recommend it to anyone who works with kids, is a kid, or is living vicariously through their kids (you know who you are).”
–  Anthony Perrone, VP, Challenger Division, Cortland American Little League

The Quality of Effort is a profound embrace of Emerson’s reminder that ‘Life is a journey, not a destination.’ Reggie Marra has, with a master’s touch and rapier wit, illustrated that the essential value of effort is n the quality of the lesson we have learned—and not in the victory or defeat on the field of battle. The book is an incredibly personal gift from Reggie to the reader, written through and with his bountiful, open heart.”
– Tom Rubens, Founder, The Accountability Factor  |

The Quality of Effort has helped me reinterpret my career as a professional athlete – providing both relief and direction. The book’s message would have been invaluable years ago, when I was starting out and at the height of my career. Reggie Marra offers a map to tomorrow’s competitive edge, a map that requires effort – not necessarily in doing more drills or pushups, but in taking responsibility for all aspects of your approach to life.” – Ryan Leech, Professional Mountain Biker (Retired) and Professional Integral Coach™

“As a former college athlete and longtime leader of high-performance military units, I recommend Reggie Marra’s work with unbridled enthusiasm. Whether you are a student-athlete, parent or coach, this book’s proven practices will greatly enhance your performance in and enjoyment of youth, interscholastic and intercollegiate sports. Reggie’s savvy discussion of integrated training, competent coaching, and the importance of a proper training environment helps the reader clearly visualize a successful path of development. Following this comprehensive approach to training will not only produce better athletes, but also happier and healthier citizens as our youth grow and take their place in the world. I hope for the sake of student-athletes everywhere that this book gets the appreciation it deserves. How much happier we would all be if we could be on a healthy path of development supported by quality practices, competent and caring coaches/teachers, and a nurturing learning environment.” – Fred Krawchuk, Retired U.S. Special Forces Colonel and RAND Consultant

“After reading this book, I wish I could redo my entire childhood sports experience….While I credit baseball with saving my life by keeping me off the street and away from the wrong crowd, I never gave much thought to how much it has made me a better friend, a better husband and a better business owner. After reading The Quality of Effort, I get it.” – from the Foreword to the 2012 Edition, Robert Gambardella, CPA, CTA, Concierge Tax Services  |

“I applaud this 2012 revision of Reggie Marra’s The Quality of Effort on three primary fronts. First, his personal story embodies the passion and possibility that sports training and competition provide for those who engage it. Second, narrating his story through an integral lens adds a holistic, relevant complexity and robustness to how we think about sport, which is such a vital element of our cultural lifestyle, and in much need of an integral assessment of its impact on student-athletes, parents and coaches. Finally, in focusing on the quality of effort we apply to our endeavors, Reggie has targeted an almost completely ignored and under-valued domain of emphasis. By triangulating sports through a frame composed of talent, effort and results, when all three are given their due attention in relationship to each other, a new perspective emerges: development. Sports can and does play an instrumental role in the healthy unfolding of a human life. If we take advantage of Reggie’s frame of understanding—highlighting the role of effort, in relationship to talent and results, as an equally important consideration in our definition of success—we have a grand opportunity from which we can chart a significantly improved learning and developmental pathway for generations of student-athletes to come.” – Cherie Beck, Cultural Technologist 

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