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My work in the world is to continue to explore, and live fully into, who I am, and to help others live fully into who they are—through an authentic approach designed to alleviate unnecessary suffering. I’m motivated by commitments to ongoing development, compassionate wisdom, conscious awareness, gratitude, forgiveness, equanimity, uncontrollable laughter, joy and love. I believe the ability to hold paradox is an essential tool for adults in the 21st Century.

My current personal practices include writing, strength training, meditation, introductory restorative yoga, ongoing inquiry, conscious relationship, wandering in nature, and shadow work. I like to think I’d still be a competitive age-group runner if I hadn’t had both hips replaced in 2003.

In addition to my writing and Integral Coaching® practices, I also serve as:

  • Co-founder, with Kent Frazier of the Fully Human initiative
  • Leadership Agility 360 Facilitator
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) & Registered Mentor Coach with the International Coach Federation
  • a teaching poet-guide –- writing, and helping others write, poetry as a healing/transformative practice
  • Past affiliations include:
    • Health Coach Program Co-designer and core faculty at Bauman College
    • Creative Director and core faculty at Teleosis Institute
    • Phone Coach for Integral Coaching Canada’s Associate Certification Module
    • Visiting Faculty at The Graduate Institute
    • Mentor Coach in the MA in Health and Wellness Coaching at Maryland University of Integrative Health

My worldview is informed by the bulleted elements below (in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways).

The bullets notwithstanding, I believe in and practice both humor and imagination (among other things), and am comfortable with those wonderful tensions along the wisdom/compassion, justice/mercy, intimacy/solitude, masculine/feminine, and other fun continua. I experience gravitas, grief and goofiness and find value in each.

The bullets:

Each of these, all of them together, and a whole lot more, inform the presence I bring to my work as a coach, presenter, poet, stepdad, and whatever else is called for in any given moment.




Integral Coaching®  and Integral Master Coach™ are registered trade-marks in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada, Inc. and licensed to Reggie Marra.