And Now, Still: Grave & Goofy Poems

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“Openhearted, rich in detail, and wildly irreverent, Reggie Marra’s And Now, Still celebrates the sacred everyday connections among the living, the dying, and the dead…[continued below]

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“This intimate moment, son holding father – I learn how heavy/ your living dead weight can be/ face to face, chest to chest – is one example of the brave, unflinching nature of Marra’s work.

“And from the title poem these lines – I feel etched stone’s/ temporary permanence, / time, laughter, conversation,/ …first and final truth/ lost shinanklefoot,/ …two key turns, a silent sister – reminding us that all emerges from and gives way to silence, the mysterious center point, this moment.

“And so the poet mourns and sings. Lyric to narrative, journal entry to rant, his layered language, its poetic intelligence, invites deeper presence. A generous collection that defies being boxed, this book is a healing journey offered by a kind, resilient, skillful and eloquent guide.”
Janet E. Aalfs, author of Bird of a Thousand Eyes, founder & director of Lotus Peace Arts

“Reggie Marra’s poetry speaks to me deeply of hope and joy, beautifully woven into the context of grief and loss. As a holistic nurse, reading Reggie’s poetry reminds me of the humanity in every person. Through his life I see my life and the lives of the many patients I have touched. Reggie has the ability to gather precious moments and offer them as a gift to the reader.  I recommend slowly sipping and savoring each word that it may touch and magnify your life.”
Joanna Burgess-Stocks, BSN, RN, CWOCN, Patient Advocate

“When the soul needs to be fed or held, only music and poetry are capable. I have no idea if Reggie Marra sings or plays anything – but oh, the poetry.”
Ian Percy, author, Going Deep: Exploring Spirituality in Life and Leadership.