In the Spirit of Radical Joy…

…For Hard Times:

On Monday, December 12, $3.00 from every sale of Christmas Fun will be donated to Radical Joy for Hard Times, a 501c3 non-for-profit organization based in rural northeastern Pennsylvania:

“Radical Joy for Hard Times is devoted to finding and making beauty in wounded places. Creating a thriving, sustainable future on Earth depends upon opening our hearts to the natural world in its brokenness as well as its splendor.”

While a $3.00 per sale donation pales in contrast with the $7.7 trillion that the Federal Reserve Bank secretly donated to the poor souls mismanaging large banks that are too big to succeed from a customer service perspective, casual observation suggests that $3.00 in the hands of Radical Joy founder and director, Trebbe Johnson, will contribute more to the greater good of life on the planet than has $7.7 trillion in the hands of Jamie Dimon, Ken Lewis or any of the other scoundrels who lied about their failures and their collusion with the Fed.

Be that as it may, Christmas Fun may be the best way to bring your family, friends and colleagues together for an interactive interlude of laughter, animal voices and, well, plain old fun. And at under twenty bucks, considering you can use it for the rest of your life, it may be the best bargain of any kind, anywhere, ever. Is that hyperbole? You decide.

If you decide it is hyperbole, then you’ll have to buy a copy simply because you want to contribute to the inspirational vision of Radical Joy for Hard Times.

Don’t return to work after the holidays to discover that all of your colleagues engaged Christmas Fun, and you didn’t.

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