WSC 2020 Reggie.2“Reggie’s coaching has been a key ingredient to my professional success and personal growth. What started as a coaching relationship to better equip me for various professional challenges, has now transcended into a relationship focused on personal development, which also lends itself to growth in my career. I can say with 100% certainty, I am the confident woman, who knows her value, largely because of Reggie. I am forever grateful to him and look forward
to seeing my continued growth for many years to come.”

Staci Venski, Assistant General Manager
Lieberman Research Worldwide

If you’ve come to this page in order to explore whether you and I would be an effective client/coach fit, please contact me once you’ve gleaned all you can from this site. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

“It is hard to put into words what I experienced with Reggie as my coach through the past 5 months. Reggie’s presence struck me from the first time we met, and since our very first session he showed up with his wide-open heart, wisdom and knowledge. Further, he managed to make simple what for me was so complex and a deep issue within myself.

“What I thought would take close to a year to complete, we did in 5 months! His efficiency, clarity, and ability to expose the simplicity within complexity made all my practices so to-the-point that my awareness kept unfolding and my embodiment of my New Way suddenly was so present it felt as if without effort. It was wonderful to have Reggie supporting and guiding me through this process to the point that I have now recommended that my brother hire him as a coach.”

-Nuno Matos, MSc, PhD & Integral Master Coach™
 Nuno Matos Integral™ at 

The Coaching Process in Brief: You show up with your “topic”—what brings you to coaching, whether or not you’re 100% clear on exactly what it is. We explore, focus and agree on what deeply matters to you, and why it’s deeply important to you at this moment in your life. We identify your current way of being (who and how you are) in the topic—some aspects of which still serve you, which you’ll keep, and some that don’t, which you’ll let go. We agree on a new way of being through which you can succeed in your topic and on some objectives required for this success. We meet approximately every two weeks and you do the practices necessary to develop the capacities, capabilities and competencies you need to accomplish the objectives and succeed in your topic.

Whether you’re struggling with your already successful start-up, direct reports or your board at a multi-billion dollar enterprise, negotiating a major life transition, yearning to rekindle the spark with your significant other, or seeking common ground with your 12 (or 32)-year-old, exactly one person is at the scene of every triumph and disaster—you.  I will help you discover and develop what you need, based on how you currently engage, in order for you to engage in a new, more effective way.

“With over 30 years in the field of visual art and higher education, I came to Reggie Marra to develop new skills that would enable me to confront emerging horizons of complexity and change within my institution. I wanted to develop new skills for constructively and creatively engaging this uncharted territory.

“I came to the right place. Reggie’s superb coaching skills, his substantial intellectual capacity, his clarity of verbal communication (both written and spoken) and his highly nuanced wisdom (which includes both fluid compassion and pointed directness) offered me a very effective set of insights, tools and skills.

“As well, the stage that he set for the journey—from a current way of being to a new way of being (which is still unfolding seven months after the six month coaching period)—was built with a rare mixture of technical ability, in-depth professional experience, honesty, creative insight and intuition. Reggie is able to expect, understand and navigate the necessary expansions and contractions of any new and creative endeavor, and as an artist and educator, I deeply appreciated his ability to do so.

‘What I learned with Reggie enabled me to successfully launch four influential initiatives in service of my department, colleagues and students.

“Thank you, Reggie. Thank you.”

Ray DiCapua, Associate Professor of Art
 Associate Head for Admissions and Recruitment
 Department of Art and Art History
 University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT


Exploring You

The coaching process explores the relationships among identity—who you think you are, perspective—how you view the world, behavior—what you do and have done, relationship—with whom, and how you interact, and environment—everything “out there” that affects you (and that you affect, and perhaps even effect from time to time).

More to the point, as you wrap your arms, mind, heart, soul and spirit around a currently unwieldy issue, task, “opportunity,” or person, again, your attention needs to be with the individual who’s always at the scene of your unwieldy (and blissful) experiences.  That would be you.

Not that you should ignore the issue, task, opportunity or other person(s), but the evidence is in: until you truly see, feel and hear your own perspective on, role in, and approach to the unwieldiness—until you own and work with your way of beingyou may be unintentionally carrying the flaming torch of passion into the gasoline convention. 

Transformation begins with self-awareness. Once you’re aware of how you see and behave, you can operate on it. Until then, it operates you—or at the very least, on you.

My “tool kit” carries a variety of lenses that will bring into focus your current way of negotiating what’s unwieldy for you, and then offer a new way, along with practices designed to help you embody it. We won’t move forward until you accept that offer 100%.

P.S. One prerequisite I embrace before “exploring you” is that I’ve been “exploring me” for decades now, and have no intention of stopping.

“Reggie Marra works as a coach and a presenter in a manner that  makes us feel we are both confidant and friend. His work is affirming, instructive and inspirational as he explores the relationships among the needs of spirit, body and intellect. He gently wends his way into our lives and questions us about that which is integral to our happiness, success, and finally, our peace of mind.

Many of us have grown up in a time when style and economics were favored over wisdom, compassion and conscious content. This division of psyche, intellect and physical body has spawned a grab-bag of stress-related ills.

Amid our restless search, we all may find a safe harbor in Reggie’s work, which provides a road map for our individual and collective journeys toward what is essential to creating conscious, elevating change and transformation in our lives.”

Gayle Beyer , Owner/Principal Designer, GAYLE BEYER DESIGNS, LLC


What follows is intended as an overview. 

Briefly, the coaching unfolds through four distinct types of conversations:
Intake, Offer, Cycles of Development, and Completion.

• During the Intake, we’ll explore and define the specific topic that calls you to coaching. If you or your employer find value in 360 assessments, I recommend and am licensed to administer the Leadership Agility 360, which we would engage as part of our Intake process. If you’d like to find out more, you can download a brochure on the LA360, a white paper on Leadership Agility (both are PDFs), or contact me—I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. The Intake is typically a 1.5 – 2-hour conversation.

• During the Offer, I’ll offer you a Coaching Program that includes insight into the unique way you’re currently “being” in your topic, a prospective new way of “being” in it, several Developmental Objectives designed to help you move from the current to the new way, and a first practice. As noted above, you and I will fine-tune the coaching program together until you feel it’s a fit and are 100% committed to moving forward. Also a 1.5 – 2-hour conversation.

• While the Intake and Offer are unique, one-time conversations, we will engage multiple Cycle of Development conversations until one or both of us feel it’s time to complete the coaching relationship. Cycle of Development conversations take place approximately every two weeks. During these conversations, we’ll review your experience with previous practices, assess your progress with your Developmental Objectives, address any new insights, and agree on the next practice. Cycle of Development Conversations are typically 50 – 60 minutes.

• As alluded to above, the Completion conversation brings the coaching relationship to a close when one or both of us feel it is appropriate to do so.

In addition to this overview of Integral Coaching®, we may also engage:

  • Voice Dialogue
  • Poetry, writing, and “language-at-large”
  • Soulcraft® – as that term is used by Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute
  • Leadership Agility 360® Assessment
  • Everyday Mindfulness
  • Various forms of inquiry, informed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey’s Immunity to Change®, Byron Katie’s The Work®, and others
  • Integral Theory and Applications (which allow us to see with ongoing clarity how “all of this” fits and functions)
  • A commitment to the roles of innocence, wisdom, compassion, vulnerability, love, forgiveness, courage, kindness, mystery and a sense of humor as we negotiate the exquisite goofiness and gravitas of our existence


“I recently completed a 5 month Integral Journey, with Reggie as my guide and coach. His unique approach and creative methods have truly changed my life. He is genuine and kind, and has a remarkable way of leading others into a state of increased self-awareness. For me, this resulted in a focused effort to improve a few key behaviors and habits, which have made me a better manager, employee, friend, and family member. I highly recommend Reggie’s work to any individual or team looking for career growth or succession planning, to improve their strengths or weaknesses, or to increase their effectiveness. Reggie would be an extremely valuable partner to any Corporate HR training program.”

Robert Gambardella, CPA CTC
Concierge Tax Services, LLC, Shelton, CT

Again, what’s above is intended as an overview. If you’d like to find out more, including whether or not we’d be a good fit, please contact me:

LinkedIn: or


“I can’t say enough about Reggie’s coaching services, and I can easily say he changed my life. What’s amazing is that he accomplished this without telling me how to think or behave differently. His breadth of knowledge and experience and his uncanny sense of intuition make him an extremely effective guide. He helped me to find within myself what was there all along. The result was profoundly empowering. Reggie brings a level of creativity and humor to this otherwise deep and potentially difficult work that actually makes the process enjoyable.”

Michael Sallustio, CNC, CPFT, MES
Nutritional Counselor, Personal Fitness Trainer, Annapolis, MD


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