What is your current edge? What is that border you’re not sure you can or should cross, or that place, circumstance, issue or event that arouses in you a palpable sense of discomfort? Whether you’re on edge, on the edge, at the edge, trying to avoid going over the edge, or trying take the edge off, the edge is inevitably intense—where things, and you, can truly change. It’s where you can feel simultaneously stuck, passionate, scared, smart, depressed, stupid, exhilarated and lost because the status quo is no longer effective. It’s both the point at which the flowing river becomes the roaring waterfall and your horizontal boat turns vertical, and where you’re through the worst rapids and enter the calm, tranquil waters that will finally bring your journey to fruition.

You, your team, your organization and your industry each has its own edge, the demarcation between today and tomorrow—this moment and the next. Some individuals and groups seek, and thrive at, their respective edges—willing to risk what’s familiar for what’s neither certain nor known, and others avoid their edges at all costs—more comfortable with the devil they know than with the greener grass in their neighbor’s yard. Still others teeter on the edge of horribly mixed metaphors.

The edge is unavoidable, present in every developmental move through infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood and the defining events therein: new families, jobs, promotions and initiatives, new homes, cities and cultures. The essential, foundational edge that accompanies every turning point, dividing line, and border is that edge, the crossing of which both allows and requires you to experience yourself and the world through broader, deeper and more complex lenses than you previously thought possible, and to do this again and again.

At ParadoxEdge™, Steve Benson, Kent Frazier and I explore our respective edges, and we’re ready to learn with you how to explore yours. Our coaching and training programs are designed to learn how your current worldview both serves and limits you, and work with you at your edge to develop in a way that keeps what serves, transcends what limits and allows you to adapt to increasingly complex circumstances.

If that sounds worthwhile, contact us. We’ll explore how you function and if we’re a fit.

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