It’s just a matter of time until your network is up to 400G and cutting edge capsules, geltabs and podpads will have sent your current iPad or other over-the-counter tablet the way of rotary phones and wars to end all wars. The volume of information, the speed at which you can access it, and the amount of work you’re expected to do with it continue to increase exponentially. Leadership gurus and self-proclaimed sanity savers of every ilk appear armed with the antidote to all this speed and information: slow down, be present to other human beings, do one thing at a time – the mythic, 20th-century multitasking god has fallen from the sky. Huh?

Speed up more effectively by slowing down? Get more done by doing one thing at a time? What’s next, trying to optimize the bottom line by actually caring about colleagues, clients and customers rather than using their deeply held desires and dilemmas as leverage points to get your way or close the deal?

We believe that the ability to hold paradox—to simultaneously understand, honor and act on apparently contradictory information, goals and strategies—is an essential tool, among others, for successful adults in the 21st century. We act on that belief every day, and it works.

Oh, you say, your situation is unique—no one really understands the level of contradiction that renders resolution of your current dilemma impossible to imagine, much less enact. Well, prior to 2000 you couldn’t carry thousands of songs and photos in your pocket; prior to 1969 no one had walked on the moon (as far as we know); and prior to 1920 women were ineligible to vote in the land of the free. There are more examples, but you get the idea.

What is impossible is holding paradox within the framework of a worldview that believes holding paradox is impossible. It’s okay to reread that.

Our coaching and training programs are designed to learn how your current worldview both serves and limits you, and work with you to develop a new one that keeps what serves, transcends what limits, and allows you to adapt to increasingly complex circumstances.

Steve Benson, Kent Frazier and I are pleased to introduce our partnership. Click on the logo below or above to visit our temporary web page.

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