The Unexpected Good

From The Quality of Effort Workbook, Chapter 5 – “The Varying Natures of Success and Justice”:

“Think of those athletes who have excelled in or even dominated the sport(s) you enjoy.  Every generation in every sport has its amazing performers, so focus on those most familiar and meaningful to you.  Despite the publicity they get, they and their exploits are very, very rare.  Not all of us will realize our dreams of professional sports, entertainment, professional, political or entrepreneurial careers, but some of us will—and that’s great.  Whether we realize our dreams or not, we can commit to discovering and realizing our ability to accept and embrace the unexpected good that comes our way.   Sometimes the only difference between the “successful” and the “unsuccessful” person is the ability to see both the vast forest and each individual tree, and to hear, and then open the door when opportunity knocks.  Commit to learning to look and see ever more clearly, and to listen and hear ever more deeply.”

Copyright © 2013 by Reggie Marra

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