Even More Views: “Who Just Wrote That? And Why?” Writing to Know The Self

For a variety of reasons, this class didn’t run. The good news is that a number of folks pointed to timing, as in the busy endings of a variety of academic calendars in May and June, as their reason for not signing up. The course will be offered again this coming Fall or Winter. Stay tuned!

From May 7 through June 17, I’ll be facilitating a six-week online writing course through the Transformative Language Arts Network (TLAN). The course description appears at the end of this post.

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, along with her colleagues at Goddard College, ushered Tansformative Language Arts into existence as an Masters in Arts concentration some 12 years ago, and from that program grew the “Power of Words” Conference, which Goddard hosted through 2011. The 9th annual conference will be in Philadelphia October 26-29, 2012.

I was fortunate to both attend and present workshops at the 2005 through 2008 conferences, and while I won’t be in Philly in October, I highly recommend it.

The TLAN site describes Transformative Language Arts as “the intentional use of spoken, written, or sung word for social and personal transformation.  This includes community building, ecological advocacy, social activism, personal growth and development, health and healing, and spiritual growth.”

The May 7 – June 17 class will focus on the role of self-awareness in our moment-to-moment experience – with the intentional use of writing to nurture our ability to look at what we are currently looking through. We will rest in an underlying commitment to both fierce wisdom (seeing clearly) and deep compassion (loving ourselves and others as we are). Prerequisites: The course description makes sense to you, and you have a sense of humor.


Integrally Informed Writing to Know the Self

Who Just Wrote That? And Why? Integrally Informed Writing to Know the Self

May 7 – June 17, 2012.  | Taught by Reggie Marra | $210 non-member; $189 members. Register by Jan. 31 and save 15% ($178 non-member; $161 member)

“There is only self interest. What changes is the definition of the self.”

– Richard Barrett

You believe that writing is a valuable tool for understanding yourself and the world. Who is it that believes this – who exactly is the self this believer is attempting to understand through written language? With this question and Richard Barrett’s words as our points of departure, we will work to identify and befriend the lens(es) through which we view ourselves and the world, and we’ll take away, and deepen our relationships with, writing tools and processes that we can use in perpetuity, (even longer if you wish), as those lenses, and our respective worldviews, evolve. Our prospective avenues for exploration include the interrelations among intention, behavior, culture and environment (aka quadrants); sub-personalities; shadow; emotions; intentional change (and what prevents it); skillful means; life as and through metaphor; and anything we agree serves us as we move forward during our six weeks together—at our chosen respective levels of depth and (dis)comfort .

More Information and Registration.

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