Got Unnecessary Suffering?

Thanks for finding your way here. Whether you’re here to look into coaching, workshops/retreats, poetry, or fundraisers, this page provides a good introductory overview.

Integral Journeys is not a travel agency in any literal sense, but a journey for sure—through identity, perspective, behavior, relationship and environment, and that’s just for starters.

My overt and covert intention is to alleviate unnecessary suffering—my own and yours, if that sounds attractive to you. Toward that end, I offer coaching and workshops that explore the relationships among identity—who you think you are, perspective—how you view the world, behavior—what you do, relationship—with whom you interact, and environment—everything “out there” that affects you (and that you affect, and perhaps even effect from time to time).

So, when you’re wrapping your arms (mind, heart, soul and spirit) around a currently unwieldy issue, task, “opportunity,” or (gulp) person, I believe that your attention needs to be with the individual who’s always at the scene of your unwieldy experiences.  That would be you.

Not that you would ignore the issue, task, opportunity or other person(s), but the evidence is in: until you truly see, feel and hear your own perspective on, role in, and approach to the unwieldiness—until you own your modus operandi—you may be carrying the flaming torch of passion into the gasoline convention (or offering potable water to a drowning woman or man).

Transformation begins with self awareness. Once you’re aware of your mode of operation, you can operate on it. Until then, it operates you—or at the very least, on you. 

My tool kit carries a variety of lenses that will bring into focus your current way of negotiating what’s unwieldy for you, and then offer a new way, along with practices designed to help you embody it.

For information on fundraising for not-for-profits, check out Take Half My Income.

Thanks for stopping by, and please contact me if you have any questions.

Integral Journeys is a member of the Waterbury Regional Chamber of Commerce.


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